The vast knowledge and manufacturing experience provided by Aziza Healthcare and their affiliate Choice Organic Supplements guided the acquisition of a 70% stake in Aziza Healthcare by Go Life.

This partnership already secured a Cannabis cultivating and manufacturing license in Lesotho. A partnership agreement with license holder in Zimbabwe also offers very lucrative prospects within the medicinal Cannabis discipline.

Choice Organic Supplements has developed a range of herbal mixtures and products. These products include capsules, tinctures, teas, suppositories, creams and sprays which have proven themselves over time with great therapeutic effects.

Animal care products are also included in the range. Indigenous Southern Africa herbs are mostly used. These herbs are organically grown (free from pesticides and chemicals) in White River, Mpumalanga – an area known to have an ideal climate for cultivating herbs.

Cayenne Pepper is added to many of the formulations as it is an excellent “all round” herb with many medicinal benefits, including the fact that it acts as a catalyst, synergistically enhancing the efficacy of other herbs.

Go Life has identified Choice Organic Supplements as a logical partner to take advantage of their market position and product offerings.