Listed on both the Stock Exchanges of Mauritius (SEM) and the AltX of the JSE, Go Life International is a multi-faceted healthcare company  Рoffering a comprehensive, all-inclusive product range to address market needs with branded pharmaceuticals, generics, nutraceutical compounds as well as offering a range of medical consumables and high end sophisticated theater equipment. Go Life aims to offer a healthier life to people across the globe, by adopting a holistic medical treatment approach.

As an advocate of natural medicinal remedies and a promoter of preventative supplements, rather than expensive mainstream pharmaceutical treatments, Go Life intends to pursue the business opportunity presented by the value that lies in medical Cannabis. More and more trusted scientific studies support the value of this “ancient healer”. The medical world has finally accepted the healing properties and medicinal value of Cannabis, resulting in its decriminalization and approval for use in an increasing number of countries.

During Go Life’s market research, the company approached the JSE to ascertain whether the Stock Exchange would support the company investing in this medicinal Cannabis space. The JSE shared their enthusiasm for Go Life to proceed with investing in the medicinal Cannabis projects, both in Southern Africa and abroad.