The stigma associated with the historical non-legal use of Cannabis-based products has been replaced by a widely accepted view that medicinal Cannabis offers clear relief in several clinical settings.

The newly established legitimate medicinal Cannabis market is set to replace the previously illicit market as well as the formal pharmaceutical market that is currently being developed globally. Investing in a Cannabis company or project in South Africa will mean that the investor is bound to benefit from a “first mover” advantage.

The success of Tilray Inc., a Canadian medicinal Cannabis company that listed on the Nasdaq stock exchange, saw its share price move from US$17 to a high of US$300 in the first few months of trading. This is but one example of the massive investment returns and market confidence in medicinal Cannabis. In the past financial year, Cannabis stocks in the USA outperformed gold, platinum and even the much hyped Bitcoin.


The medicinal attributes of Cannabis have become synonymous with natural medicinal remedies. The medical fraternity now embrace and accept the medicinal value of Cannabis, hence the relaxation of international legislation banning the substance.


Medicinal value or pharmacognosy of Cannabis varieties lies in the numerous chemical compounds within the plant. These mainly consist of the Terpenes and Cannabinoids which are largely oil based and hence difficult to absorb when taken orally. A very small percentage of orally ingested Cannabis extracts (THC/CBD/CBG/CBN) is taken up systemically (into the bloodstream). Approximately 5% of the cannabinoids are bio-available with the vast majority of the oil-based extracts being excreted. Our non-tincture-based technology is used to solubilise the Cannabis extracts and enhance systemic uptake. This results in: 

– Much lower dosage levels required to achieve the same therapeutic effect

– Greater safety due to lower dosage levels

– Greater control of administered dose. Much tighter dosage levels

– Taste masking, particularly of whole plant extracts; and

– Convenience of dosage form

Thus, we aim to lead the international Cannabis market in solubilised medicinal Cannabis extracts. This will entail the production of tables and capsules manufactured using our proprietary technology.